BWTS Selector

BWTS Selector


Developed with
DNV GL Maritime Advisory

The BWTS Selector is an easy to use and efficient Online Tool and Smartphone App.
It guides through complex technical, operational and regulatory issues connected with the purchasing of Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

What it does

The BWTS Selector

  • delivers a product specific list of BWTS technically and operationally suitable to be installed on a specific vessel
  • offers an easy to use tool to select BWTS along own preferences (consumptions, operations, etc.)
  • delivers professional full style RFQ‘s for easy and efficient purchase of selected BWTS
  • factors in/ includes information on 80+ makers with any approval (not restricted to systems with DNV GL approval!)

How it works

Algorithms match vessel design, operation(s) and attached regulations with objective product specifications.

  • Vessel design, i.a.: power supply, space/footprint, pump capacity, explosion proof, etc.
  • Vessel operation, i.a.: time frames of ballast operations, water temperature, water quality, variance of operation areas, etc.
  • Regulations, i.a.: G8, G9, USCG approval, etc.
  • Product specifications such as: dimensions, operational parameter, consumptions for e.g. total power requirement, etc.

Which benefits it has

The BWTS Selector

  • No longer need to costly find out about, familiarize with and analyze:
    • technical requirements - specifications
    • operational needs/ constraints - capabilities
    • regulatory requirements - restrictions
  • Have impartially searched the entire market
  • Receive an impartial overview of matching systems from +80 makers
  • Profit from DNV GL Maritime Advisory expertise transformed into smart algorithms
  • Make a fully informed, rational and efficient BWTS choice
  • Reduce procurement cost
  • Control risk of cost overrun with full style professional RFQ‘s

What does it not do

The BWTS Selector does not take into account and does not advise on

  • Operational reliability (no data available up to date)
  • Specific commercial characteristics such as CAPEX and OPEX (too many influencing factors, too large of a variance)
  • Maintenance and support availability and quality (too complex to measure)
  • Financial stability of manufacturer (publicly non-disclosable information)
  • Investment in ongoing R&D of manufacturer (publicly non-disclosable information)

BWTS Selector Version

Technology Recommendation

  • Basic assumption
  • Appropriate BWTS types
  • System types Pro's and Con's


Vessel specific BWTS
Product Recommendation

225,00 €
  • Vessel specific BWTS Product Recommendation
  • Specific Product Information
  • Regulatory Aspects