BWTS Advisor

BWTS Advisor


Developed with
DNV GL Maritime Advisory

The BWTS Advisor is an easy to use and efficient online application.

Ship owners/ managers can find out within minutes which Ballast Water Treatment System Technology is the most suitable for a general vessel type depending on its general operations and operational conditions. Factors taken into account inter alia are: vessel design, power supply, pump capacity, vessel operation, water temperature, water turbidity, water salinity, regulatory aspects.

The BWTS Advisor is free of charge!

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Once completed the online questionnaire, you receive your result displayed online together with a discussion of the Pro`s and Con`s of the different technologies suitable.

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BWTS Technologies

US Coast Guard approved:

  • Filtration + Ultraviolet
  • Filtration + Electrodialysis
  • Filtration + Electrolysis
  • Filtration + Chemical Injection
  • Electrolysis

Currently under US Coast Guard Review

  • Ozone